Texting with my girlfriend.

From getting to know each other to being in a relationship with her we would text each other a lot, about 5000. And now after 1 month into our relationship she just doesn't text me as often anymore. It went from 5000 to 1000 a month.

Another thing is that she switched her phone to those phones that have like abc on the 2 key from a phone that has a qwerty keyboard phone, so it might be harder to text and she doesn't really bother to anymore?

Do you girls tend to not text that often anymore once you're in a relationship with the guy already?

What do you guys think? Any thoughts?

and at night we used to text each other till we both pass out but now she would go, "I'm really tired I'm going to sleep" or "ima go to sleep"
She is also not responding to my IM's on AIM, when I know that she is there. What is she doing?
She didn't even bother to IM me when she got on, I didn't noticed until she was on for 20 minutes.


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  • it sounds like the "honeymoon" part of the relationship is over. now its time for the real relationship between you two. just becasue she txt's less doesn't mean anything. just like you said she got a new phone. and believe me I wouldn't txt 1/3of what I do if I didn't have a keyboard style phone. also that's an obserd number of txts. are you two able to see each other almost everyday? cause my girlfriend and I are long distance and don't even send 5000 txts a month to eachother. altho we do call and talk on the phone alot. maby you should do that instead of txtn her asleep call her and talk her to sleep. when you two are around each other and smothering each other and it doesn't matter that's what I call the "honey moon relationship" the one it doesn't matter how lovey dove you two are or how much you smother each other and its great but its not the "real" relationships where you learn about their bad side and stick threw them threw fights and the good aswell as the bad. communication will slow down by your feelings for each other do grow stronger. jsut remember and don't be mad if one day she only sends like 5 txts sometimes people just need a day to them self's and away from their love. but yea relax don't worry soo much just chill and in time you will understand what I'm talking about if you don't yet. and good luck I wish you the best

    • We go to school together, we would hang mostly after school. We just don't see each other on the weekends.

      How long are honeymoons suppose to last? what marks the end of one?

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    • Well as the relationship goes on the communication start to slow down. the txtn was your guys way of getting to know each other and get comfortable with each other. now she's comfortable so she doesn't txt as much. doesn't mean she doesn't like you any less its just now she's gotten comfortable and out of the honey moon state where then she felt like she had to talk 24/7 to keep you. now she has you and is more comfortable with you she doesn't have to talk as much

    • Thank you so much, been a great help =]

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  • You see her everyday... Are you crazy?! My boyfriend used to text once every few days if anything... We talked everyday but texting wasnt a big thing in our relationship. I was lucky if I got 50 texts a month... So don't worry about it! And yeah once you start going out it will get a little bit more relaxed...

  • don't take texting so seriosly 1000 per month is already wayy to much


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