Why is it so hard for a guy to tell a girl how he feels?

This guy tells his friends but doesn't tell me he tells them that he wants to be serious and get to know me on that level. I went on a date with him but he doesn't tell me how he feels or shows it. I on the other hand feel like he doesn't care and isn't intrested. He posted a status on Facebook about me after out date but its been about 2 weeks since the lasttime we have talked so I'm confused? I don't know what to think or feel . To be honest I do like him more than I thought I would but I think its because everyone keeps feeding me all this information that he said but yet he hasn't showed it or at least texted me with a simple hello .

He is shy but he wasn't all that shy on our date I don't want to ask him because I feel like that's just weird. He should tell me when he's ready. He likes some of my posts on instagram and Facebook but yet can't text me or anything but claims to like me or want to talk to me on that level?


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  • If you really want him, try and talk to him, let him know you're interested.

    If you're kinda eh on it, drop it until he makes a move if he does.

    It's hard to tell you how he feels because that makes him vulnerable. Also some guys really don't do well with intimacy and opening up. But it's really on him to nut up and get you at this point imo.

    Hope this helped, feel free to comment/message if you need anything else


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  • Well think of it of asking your parents about the pony you wanted for your birthday... or something else your parents didn't want to get you

    You know at some point that asking for the pony would get you the same result yet you keep hoping they still get you that pony you desire so much

    Great now you should know how he feels and if not: he's waiting for at least some reaction from you

    • This kinda didn't make sense to me . . sorry :/

  • He's shy, and probably afraid of rejection. Either make the move yourself or stop complaining.


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