Should I text him to hang out tonight?

2 weeks ago we had our second date and we made out a lot...after he dropped me off he asked when he could see me again and I said "text me and I will let you know :P"...he smiled and said "ok, I'll text you ;)"

that same night he texted me saying "have a good night :)" and last Friday (6 days after our date) he texted me saying "kisses, baby girl!" I didn't reply that night but the next night (Saturday night) I replied asking him how his night was going and he said it was alright and that he's just at home..then he asked how my night was going. I fell asleep when he texted me back so I replied at like 1am saying it's going good..i'm at home studying"..he didn't reply the next day and I Haven't talked to him since.

That was 6 days ago now, and I really want to see him again. Should I text him to hang out? I wanna go see the new Hunger Games movie with him :) if I do text him, what should I say to sound cute and fun and not boring or desperate?

Also, since there is an inconsistency with texting...does that mean he's not that into me? Or he thinks I'm not that into him?


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  • Yup, text him and say "hey, want to go to the Hunger Games tonight? My treat!".

    • re: your update. Texting has nothing to do with his feelings. His actions show his feelings.

    • well when we hang out he is always super concerned with what I want and last time I called him randomly and he cancelled bowling plans with his friends and drove all the way into the city just to see me last minute... but sometimes I feel like if he actually cared a lot he would take the initiative to text me to hang out instead of going MIA .. :(

    • He cancelled bowling plans with his friends! That is actually caring a lot. Not sending out words over a phone.

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