What do you think is the deal with meeting up with this guy?

I been talking with this guy for a while now through text. I have a hard time figuring out what his deal is sometimes, but overall he seems great. I tried meeting up with him a month ago, but that fell through for couple reasons so I decided to wait for him to let me know what he wants to meet up. He is almost 2 hrs away from me and we can really only meet up on weekends for now. So there is that challenge. But I do get annoyed sometimes because I am being really patient with him and I'm not sure if he is just tagging me along or if he is just not ready yet. We always tease/flirt a lot and we talk about everything. We were on the phone last week for first time (He called me) and we talked until 5 am. Which lol in a way I thought was a step.

So last night I playfully said to him on text "btw I heard we are meeting up soon ;)". He replies to me this morning "Oh lol did you".

How would you reply back? I dont' want to sound clingy or mad. I see he is being his playful self but I also would like an answer too. And what do you think is holding him up?


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  • Maybe he has more going on behind the scenes than you know about? Is he really single? Who knows...


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