How to keep the conversation going on dates?

how to keep the conversation going on dates? what do you talk about?


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  • Oh I used to have the same problem! :)

    I just recently got over being shy though. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations ( As in talking to people ) will help you get over being shy. Worked for me! :D

    But in the meantime, while being with her, I would just talk to her about whatever happens to come to mind. Be random! Girls like it! LOL

    I also realized, that acting like you are comfortable around a person, makes them more comfortable around you.

    Just be yourself!

    Here are some good topics to talk about though:

    -Ask her how she is doing!

    -Talk about her! ( I call my girlfriend "Kitty" all the time ) LOL

    -Maybe what she would like to do in the future as in jobs, etc.

    -Ask her what she likes best about you!

    -Events coming up that you may be excited about.

    -That awesome new song you heard the other day.

    If there ever comes to silence, try this! Sing! LOL And you don't have to be good at it either! :D

    If she asks why you all of a sudden got quiet, just say you were thinking about her!

    Good luck! Hope this helps some!


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  • When I run out of things to say, I always fall back on funny stories. I try to keep a bunch of them in my head, and I'll begin by saying, "Oh, there's this funny story I want to tell...I know it's not relevant right now but I just like to tell it" and then usually this gets the other person laughing and we'll talk about something related to the story. Or, if you're not a humorous guy just ask her questions about herself--not too creepily, but if you're at a restaurant she picked be like "Do you eat here a lot?" or ask her what her favorite types of food are.

    I promise she's probably just as nervous as you are, so anything you can find to talk about will make her glad. Another thing that works is self-deprecation--whenever I make new friends/meet new people I always make fun of how bad I am with strangers, and that usually makes them laugh and admit they're bad with strangers too.

    • I think it's a great idea to admit you're bad with strangers, it takes the tension away. Once you get rid of that tension, you can connect easily, and once that happens, you don't even have to worry about things to say.

      Honestly I never felt that tension on a date, that's probably the reason why I can't give you any "emergency topics" to discuss, because I never needed any. Since you do, keep some funny stories in your mind, but also don't worry too much.

  • Depends on the activity of the date, usually if the person is truly the one for you, then it will all flow and you won't have to think about what to say.

    If you have to actually think about what to say and the silences are awkward instead of romantic then I wouldn't have a second date.

    If you really fancy them (mutual attraction) and you both go shy and giddy, then you will find yourself laughing with each other no matter what. And if you don't have everything in common, use it to create some flirty banter!

    Finally though, my biggest tip for a first date is to try and stay away from the restaurants. Unless you do an activity before hand that you can talk about, or the restaurant is a five star gastronomical experience, it won't help the tension.

    NEVER ask bog standard small talk questions (what do you do? etc), It kills the excitement and so so boring.


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  • it helps if you've had public speaking classes at school, lol. of course, the other person has to pitch in enough too.

    But one thing to help is figure out things to talk about beforehand. I actually heard that from a dating coach, you should come up with a list of topics you can chat about before the date.

    Of course, aimless chatter won't help the date go well by itself, lol, so you've got to steer the conversation to the right places.

  • i don't know what to talk about, but I would *avoid* these subjects:

    music, politics, religion, the weather, or anything your uncle would talk to you about when he takes you to lunch after not seeing you for years

    • Music?! People bond so much just talking about their favorite bands ha ha or it creates banter if you don't agree..

    • i guess it depends. often times music is just one of those awkward subjects (unless if you happen to totally agree on something). often times its "what music do you like" "everything" "like what" "idk... everything"