Decoding his text messages?

So, this guy that I may like a little gave me his number one day after he moved schools. I occasionally say hi to him and he'll respond almost immediately but will all of a sudden stop or not reply.

Now, I see potential for myself in his texts.. but maybe I'm too crazy!

Recently, I texted hi "hey",.. the conversation goes as follows...

HIm: "what's good T"

Me: Its all good, hbu?

Him: Same, but I'm so damn busy

me: Like with basketball and stuff?

Him: yeah but never mind that how's miss Tammy doing?

...gave him basically a life story...

Him: "Ooh kk"

Me; Wow! Your too nice! -_-

HIm: no no didn't mean it like tha

Him: *that

Everything is exactly like same as we texted it.. he even corrected himself, he put a "miss" before my name AND NICKNAMED ME "T"!

Is this any significance at all?

What do you guys think?

**I'm 15 btw**


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  • He is playing it cool or he just that into you yet. Don't try so hard... the boy flock one day soon


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