How can I tell if someone likes me online.

We have been chatting for 4 years, but he lives 3000 miles away. Lately it has been picking up, and he said, "Oh, why must you live so far away? " after I told him I had a crush on him.

Does this mean that he would date me if I lived closer?

I should mention that I will be visiting friends in the area for 10 days, and we are going to hang out then...
Another update: I am looking at grad schools and the school ranked number one for my program is 10 miles away from him (complete coincidence). I might be moving there next year.

Sorry, I should have included this stuff in the post.


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  • It's possible, or it could just mean that he would want to mess around with you physically. If it's an online thing, it's going to stay an online thing. I know how easy it is to get connected with someone online. But that's all it is, an online fling. I would find someone in real life.


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  • If you have been chatting with him for four years, there probably is something there. I'm sure he would try to get to know you if you lived closer.

  • Well now that you say you're going to hang out, that brings a whole new aspect. You realize that if you guys hang out, and something happens, then all you are is a booty call. So just be careful and have a line drawn that you won't cross, so you don't get yourself into trouble. Invite him to hang out with you AND YOUR FRIENDS. But don't turn it into a booty call trip.

  • Yes, I bet he'd love to date you. If you two can meet, it should work out well, assuming the chemistry is there.


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