Why is he ignoring my text when we talk everyday?

I started talking to a guy online recently. He said he's not in a rush to get into anything to deep..I feel the same way so that's not a problem.

We started texting sometime last week and we would text all day everyday.. even while he was at work or I was in class or otherwise occupied. Then he asked to webcam chat.

We did so, on Friday night. During that chat he mentioned us webcam chatting again on Sunday(today)..its his day off from work) TWICE.

He usually would send me a goodmorning text or occasionally I would so I texted him " good morning handsome" on Saturday morning. He has not responded to that nor have I heard from him...

WHAT is going on? help.


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  • I don't know. He may not be interested anymore, if he didn't text you back when you sent Good morning handsome... Let it go...

    Question: Was video chat the only time he has seen you? Has he seen any pics of you before then?

    • Yes he has seen pictures before webchat. I very much doubt I look completely different than my pics.

      I ended up texting him and he said he was really busy that weekend.. Guess I just got rejected. oh well. :(

    • Yeah, it happens. Someone better will come a long.

  • maybe he found someone he likes better and doesn't have time for you