We've been talking everyday and now his completely ignoring me?

I've been talking on and off to this guy from my college for about 3 months now we never spoke in person its only been a couple months when we became friends on Facebook and exchanged numbers his a year younger than me so I left college and he still goes there..i needed to go back to college to get my certificates his been going on and on that we should meet so I just said I'll message him when I go to get my results so I'll just see him there. I ended up going college last Friday and met him in study room he had a free lesson so we just talked pretty much the whole time got to know each other better when I left he was like he'll text me the next day he was asking how I was and stuff he was quite flirty which was quite nice we've been talking everyday on snapchat his always been flirting with me.. however on Tuesday we went into deep convos and started talking about sex and stuff I told him my pov that I don't believe in sex before marriage as I'm quite religious he seemed like he was offended he was like that's long and that if I was a strict Muslim I would cover up and stuff so I just told him I don't believe in the whole covering up you can still be a good Muslim without covering he just said it was pointless that I don't follow the other rules and only obey the sex after marriage part and I not eating pork I'm actually not strict I mean I still drink at parties and stuff ..we ended up having a big debate and he was just like at the end of the day that's your choice I don't care he just doesn't believe with my opinion we ended up ending the convo there..

the next day he puts a bbm dp of a saying which was 'i wish I saved my virginity to someone who deserved it' so I msjed him as a joke and said lol that relates to my point of yesterday don't want to be having any regrets..he just replied that it was a joke he found it bare funny the convo went a bit dead..ever since Tuesday after having the sex talk his been acting very weird I feel like his trying to avoid me he used to message me everyday if not by message it would definitely be snapchat but he hasn't his been acting strange..and when I send a snapchat he gives very dead responses such as kl or doesn't reply..I really started to develop a crush on this guy I thought he liked me too but now I just feel like he was using me for sex..what do you guys think am I overanalzing it and before we had the whole sex talk on Tuesday through snapchat we arranged to meet up on the coming Saturday which was yesterday he was supposed to text me on the day to see if he had a free yard so I could come around and just chill and watch a movie but he didn't even text me nothing did he forget or did he purposely not want me over..I'm so confused am I over analyzing this or do you think he just forgot and he was busy so he didn't have time to message back? and like before through snapchat he would say things such as would you ever kiss someone a year younger or go out with them which I respnded with it depends if I like them


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  • He wasn't just using you for sex but a lot of people don't beleive in waiting for marriage. I sure as hell would never wait for marriage. Sex is a big deal and it takes time to truly be comfortable with someone. I wouldn't want to gamble that the guy I married could keep a hard on. I've stayed in relationships with men for years with sexual problems, never again. Sex is not the most important thing but it is important. I wouldn't buy the car without many test drives.

    It's your personal choice to wait. It's his personal choice not to wait. Sounds like you waiting for marriage is a deal breaker for him. So basically you have very different beliefs and the relationship will never work out. Find someone who shares your beliefs.

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