Met this guy at a country bar found out he is deploying soon is he just looking for a hook up?

We danced all night and really connected we made out a little and he texted me as soon as he got home... he's in the army and deploying jan 15 which he just told me... and he texted that he should have told me before we made out because I seem like a good girl( I don't usually kiss a dude I just met) but he said its not a bad thing that I'm a good girl.., so is he implying he's looking for just a hook up before he leaves? Or us there a chance he wants a relationship? I kinda wanna just be blunt and ask...


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  • Then ask.

    I've never met a guy in a bar that didn't just want sex. They will say anything to get laid. You can't know you want a relationship with someone after one night. That's what dating is for.

    I think you should just ask but you should know how you are going to react to either answer. Are you OK just having sex or do you want to date him? Do not sleep with him hoping to turn it into a relationship.

  • Whether he wants a relationship or not, it doesn't matter, he's deploying. What kind of relationship would that be? I'm sure not one you wanna be in. It would be a different situation if you two were together already or you've known each other for a while and he wants to be with you, don't bother asking such a question. He's just looking to hook up. And you deserve a real relationship. Go ahead and stay in touch with him but don't expect much.

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