Wait for my best friend or date other guys?

I like my best friend and he likes me too. He doesn't know how I feel and he told me he liked me when he was drunk so he doesn't know I know how he feels. If that makes sense.

He has a girlfriend and that's the reason I haven't said anything to him about it. We live hours away from each other because of college and we both work too, so it's hard to see each other very often. Sometimes I think he's just with her because he told me once that he just likes having someone to take care of. But then again, I can't really know for sure.

I've actually been kind of hoping I wouldn't meet anyone else because in a way I'm holding out to be with him. We get along so well and he's the first guy I've been able to talk to about anything. I feel like it could last if we ever got together. I'm also a little afraid of that too, though, because I've never dated anyone for longer than a few weeks.

To get to my question, I started a new job recently and there's this really cute guy who comes in all the time. He flirts with me and I'm thinking he might end up asking me out. But I don't know if I should say yes or not because a part of me just wants to stay single so if my best friend and his girlfriend break up, I can be with him finally.

I know this sounds stupid and please don't judge me for it. But what should I do? If this guy asks me out, should I say yes?


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  • Date other people. DOn't wait for him. If it's meant to be it will. If you wait you have no guarantee that he and his girlfriend will break up and even if that happens his feelings for you may change.

    If it works out one day in the future when you're both single, great.

    • Well I keep thinking if it's meant to be, it will, but I just don't want to have any regrets. A couple of my friends have told me that I should tell him how I feel because he obviously has no idea and he may not have ever gotten together with this girl if he had known. He dropped a lot of hints when he was single and I was just too scared at first to go for it.

  • DATE OTHER GUYS! I've been in this EXACT situation, my bff since 4th grade told me his feelings one drunken night, he had a girlfriend he wasn't too happy with, he came back to town and we ended up making out. I felt disgusting! I let my feelings overpower my common sense. A guy that does things like that obviously does not know what he wants. Find someone who only wants you. Please spare yourself the emotional roller coaster that comes with situations like this. You deserve to be happy.