Is it a bad idea to go on a date with someone a lot older than me?

She's 20 years older than me but I find her soooooooo attractive and fun to talk to, but then eventually the age gap could be an issue, and it would be SOOOOOOOo awkward with my family... so I dunno...


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  • no not necessarily. Just be prepared to be hurt


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  • You can go out with her, but realize--the age gap will kill it. I've had women 10+ years show interest, and ask me out, but I didn't act on it because it wasn't practical.

    Look, if you're 20, and go out with a 30 year old--think about it. When you're 26, and finally have a degree and a job that pays enough to afford a nice apartment and a decent car, she'll be 36, losing her looks, probably unable to have kids. Now imagine what you said, 20 years old. You'll just be coming into your own, and she'd be 46, getting gray hair and thinking about retiring while you're just coming into your own. You'll look like her son.

    • This guy is right...Be realistic, can you see yourself with someone much older than you?

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    • in a few years, age will start catching up with her even more than now. And the truth? When you're 28--if you work out, and have worked on your career, you will be able to pull better women than you can now. Your odds of getting a hot 23 year old bikini babe will be better in six years than now, as long as you maintain yourself. No lie. Now imagine what you'll be feeling in six years--when you're able to get 22 year old sex kittiens, and you roll over to see a 48 year old woman in bed with you.

    • Yeah I just need a life and sick of being stuck at "home"and getting rejected from jobs I should get!