Is he messing me about?

Positive things:

1) he apologises if he was late replying.

2) he says he's proud of me.

3) complimented me

4) said I should be aiming 7's which he stated he was.

5) texted me even though he was tired.

6) texted me while he was playing on new xbox

7) says thank you after sexual (phone) things.

8) said he wanted to look at my face on FaceTime when sealing the deal, shall we say.

9) talks about his future to me

Negative things.

1) he's starting to become blunt

2) ignoring me sometimes

3) don't talk as much

4) after being blunt sent me a picture of his flat cap because I said he looked Hawt in it the day before.

What's going on? His friend recently asked me out for a drink & after saying I was speaking to his mate the other day he's been off. It's the only thing I can think off which could have made him like this. Unless he's got bored or pissed at me. What's going on and what should I do?


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  • It takes time for someone new to lower their defences... and we're finally able to see what they're REALLY like under pressure, or when they're upset.

    Perhaps that's what's happening here?

    He's had some time to relax and is becoming himself. Perhaps his normal self get's jealous or get's moody, or get's rude.

    Successful relationships require SELECTION and CONNECTION.

    It sounds like you've been working on connection, so that's great. But have you selected properly?

    This initial dating period is when you pay attention for Red Flags. Take this time to be SELECTIVE.

    In 5 years from now you want to be with someone who is your BIGGEST FAN! Because when shit goes crazy you want someone who's going to stick around. If he's just average, or get's bored easily, then when time goes on he's going to get bored, leaving you confused and upset.

    The nice things he does are nice, but it's the bad behaviours that are MOST important. If he's becoming rude then continuing to pursue him teaches him that you're okay with him being rude.

    Also... We teach others how to treat us.

    If you some how teach him to NOT be rude, that's a short term win. In the future he might end up being a good friend. But he's not going to be YOUR BIGGEST FAN.

    Get what I'm saying?

    But that's just my opinion...

    ~ Robby

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  • he is not worth your time!