What kind of vibe do you get from a guy like this?

This guy and I met off of a dating site - we clicked and liked each other, and he was telling me that he wants a gf...we saw each other for 5 months...

BUT...right from day one he tells me he's a busy guy (hes a full-time accounant), and that he has an illness of some sort and that he's not "himself" (memory-loss, headaches, etc..), he was always SLOW to reply to texts like didn't reply till 6 - 24 hours later or sometimes not at all, and was always late for every date, plus NEVER answered the phone to talk verbally either, then after being intimate for the 3rd time when we had plans to see each other again, he wasn't replying to me all day long and hen he tells m he's busy and that he doesn't want a girlfriend because he's too busy for one, plus he got sick with high blood pressure and is on bed rest, and says he wants to be single..

He also NEVER told me his DOB or his last name...

Did he play with me? or did he just not want me for a gf?

p.s - he told both me and my mom that I'm pretty, sweet, smart, nice, etc...and he did meet my mom after this whole thing happened...but he was hesitant
as far as his illness: he says he has memory loss (doent remember stuff from his childhood), plus he doesn't feel any emotions - that part of his brain is shut down...


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  • I am really confused. You saw each other for 5 months and never got his full name or birthday? He has an illness that makes him act irrationally and you don't know what that illness is? He doesn't communicate with you very clearly and you still want to have something with him?

    He sounds like he has a mental illness, is married, or is just screwing with you. In any of those scenarios, I think you are better off.

    • ya he didn't even wanna say his birthday...like I know his age - 27

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    • Bi-polar, schizophrenia, maybe nothing at all? There is no way for me to know.

    • he did a scan on his head (under one of those machines @ the hospital), but the docs haven't been able to find anything

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