Why are guys so critical of a girl's appearance yet date the ugliest girls?

Why are guys so critical of a girls appearance yet date the ugliest girls? They talk about girls with their boys but then when you see their girlfriend or wife they're average or fucking hideous.

Mind you these guys always check out these girls and are extra friendly, yet are critical on their appearance. Single men do this. It's like dude you aren't even hot enough to date her


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  • All guys are judgmental towards women. But I've noticed uggos judge girls the most. Why?

    They watch too much p*rn. Notice how all p*rn has an uggo with a big d*ck banging a hot chick. They really believe they are entitled to these types of girls. But yet cry when a girl asks for the big d*ck these p*rno guys offer.

  • I noticed that too. theyre being critical for the sake of being a jerk. it usually comes from guys who aren't that great looking either. so the only girls in their league aren't exactly beauty queens LMFAO

    • It's hilarious. I think a pre rejection thing so they talk shit

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