So the guy I see on and off tells me he's gotta talk to me.

I'm nervous the guy that I use to date who I now see on an occasion for a hookup now tells me, "he's gotta talk to me." Every since we started seeing each other again the guy tells me how beautiful I am, he saw pictures of me when I was younger and he said, "I knew you were always beautiful," the next time he saw me he said, "I had good hygiene, the next time he said, "now I know why I'm so attracted to you your the biggest freak I know. I hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks than I ran into him at the gas station and he and I talked and before he left I saw him looking at me. A couple of days went by and when I was working at the deli I texted and asked, "would you like to come by and have a beer my boss isn't here, he text back an hour later and said, "lol," I've been working, and I just paid my bill. I won't be off till late. Maybe I could stop by and we could smoke one night gotta talk to you." Well anyway, I text and said, "ok sounds good I hope its not bad is. I never heard back. Since than I haven't text. You see in the beginning I told him to tell me face to face if he can't see me anymore. I don't wanna call or text because I want to give it space in case that's what it is and maybe he'll change his mind. Do you guys think it could be this and that by me not texting or calling he may change his mind or maybe I'm just being paranoid?


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  • You are being paranoid

    Invite him over again and smoke one.

    He probably wants to date seriously.

    My hunch


    • Thanks, everyone I know tells me this same thing, lol

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    • This may be hard to hear but he hasno respect whatsoever for you. Move on.

      You are his back up plan in case other chicks don't work out.

      I didn't not marry my wife because she left the job we were at. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. He either loves you and wants to be with you all the time or he is keeping his options open. Respect yourself and move on.

    • Its weird you say that you didn't marry your wife cause she left the job you were at. But you say she's your wife did you change your mind? He did tell me if I had never left the place we were working at he would of still stayed and he also told me he isn't happy with anything he's doing. That's not cause of me that's because he's working some stupid job. Yeah I'm trying to move on. I haven't been contacting him, except once to tell him I hated him being with another women.

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