Why can't he just make the next move?

Went out with a guy, everything went good, but then he did not text. I texted after 2 days, he hardly texted...he had just started a second job and on top of that he goes to school. So then he texted another day saying I was mean and disappear...when clearly I reached out to him. Days went by and I texted, we had good conversation, then he stops replying and on instagram he likes my pictures then comments on one saying I disappear.

What is up with that?! I feel he wants me to keep reaching out for him to feel confident that I am interested...but I have already reached out.

He has said he has low self esteem and that I am too good looking and he is ugly, and I dislike when guys pull that card, this is the third guy who tells me this...and it makes me feel bad, I tell them that looks is not the most important thing when it comes to dating...at all.


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  • He has low self esteem, he needs you to boost it.

    If you're up for that challenge, go for it. I personally can't stand that about a guy. If he hates himself, I can't be bothered with the constant reassurance that he's great. Obviously I like him egardless of what he looks like, but people with low self esteem can't see anything optimistic, It's so tiring.

    I'd back off, give him some time to like himself. That negative energy always brings me down in the long run, so I've stopped showing interest in guys with these symptoms.