Why did he stop talking to me out of nowhere?

So I'v been talking to a guy for awhile now about 6 months or so & we went on our first date , it all went amazing. He texted me right after the date & Kept Constantly texting me for about a week and a Half , He asked to go out again I said yes but we didn't set a date. I Gave him a goodbye hug & he kinda held on for awhile & let go slowly looking down at me I'm not sure if he wanted a kiss but I turned my head. I wanted to save that for the next time I saw him. So we texted for about a week and a half and he seemed interested, he told a mutual friend that he wanted to get to know me & Talk to me on a serious level ? So I got excited to know he actually liked me.

So on that Monday after our date (4Days Later) he asked me what I was doing I told him I was making a tea for my sister because she's sick. Around 10:30pm we were talking about how we loved the new winter weather & he asked "theres nothing to do everyone went to sleep early . . is it too late to kick it?" & I replied "i think ill just stay in & watch a movie with my sister to keep her company" & he said okay then ill just crash out early so I can wake up early & work on my car and he said goodnight & I said goodnight . He hasn't replied since then its been about 2 weeks he likes some pictures I post on instagram & status posts on fb but doesn't text me? Or talk to me at all ? Its really depressing because I actually liked him :(

Did I do something wrong?


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  • Hmmmmm...I wouldn't worry too much about him. Sounds like he was out to get your goods and when you wouldn't give them he probably moved on to someone else who would. Wanting to kick it at 10:30? That's a red flag for me. I love your resistance. He's a loser glad you held back. He probably would have been a total jerk if you had given him your goods.


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  • Have you tried talking to him since?

  • yep you blew him off. you'd feel the same if it was the other way around.


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