Girls (and guys), why hasn't she responded to my text yet?

Met her Monday night, she was dancing and when I passed her with my mates she was looking at me and waved and smiled.

I saw her later on that night when I went for a smoke and she came up to me. We talked for a bit and I got her number.

I sent her this : "Hey it's John, remember me? :) Hope you're having a nice day."

She hasn't answered, and I sent that around lunch time today.


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What Girls Said 1

  • wrong number

    • I don't think its fake because I did the google thing and turns out its fine ... Maybe she gave me someone elses number but I but I just don't get why a girl would be interested and then not answer / give wrong number ...

What Guys Said 1

  • How would anyone know the answer to this?

    Maybe she's not interested, or maybe she's playing games, or maybe she's busy, or maybe her phone died, or maybe she died. Who knows!?

    Sounds like you're a bit desperate. Give it a day or two. If she doesn't respond, you have your answer. Just don't send her anything after that message.

    • Sorry if I come off as desperate ... but I'm not it's just this has happened to me so many times.

      Some times it would be because the girl wasn't interested, sometimes it's because they were busy, etc ... But I'm asking because this one showed all the signs of being interested.

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