We never text? Most confused dating situation

Is it bad that we never text? We always just talk in person really except to make plans. I usually text him first. I think he likes me but not sure. We have hung out 3 times now. The last 2 times I slept over and he didn't try to sleep with me. He also share some personal things with me the last time we were together. He would not let go of me when we were sleeping. Should I worry?

Would it be okay if were to text him I'm back in town and if he wanted to hang just text me or is that desperate?


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  • I'd say he is not too interested in you or he is confused of what he wants right now (bad place in life, post break up trauma, family issue... etc). I had a very similar experience with this guy that I dated, if turns out that he wasn't fulling over his break up yet and he is in a confusing stage of life. He disappeared into thin air eventually.

    It's up you girl, but I'd say he is not too interested but he wants to keep you in play. If you are confused and asking people why as you are seeing/ dating him, it's normally not a good sign that he is a good relationship material.