Ignoring texts, messages, e-mails, ...only calls get his attention!

One of my friends...he never answers the texts, messages or e-mails he gets, to ANYONE!

Why is this?

All of our friends are annoyed by this, but he doesn't see it as a problem.

I don't get why he is like this. The only way you will be sure he'll respond is if we call him, then he answers immediately and he's really ok, but everything else...perhaps he listens to the messages, reads the texts and the e-mails, but he never responds! WHY?


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  • i check my emails about once a month and by then its too late. most likely he doesn't check his emails. he may not hav texting or doesn't kno how to use it entirely which is very common. make sure that he has textin and as long as he answers on the phone I wouldn't worry about it. I kinda doubt it anything too bad if he does it to all his friends

    • No, he checks his messages every day, he knows how to text, and he is practically addicted to the internet, so I can't believe he doesn't check his e-mail every day!

      It just bugs all of us A LOT!

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