What experiences have you had in love triangles, what was your role, and how did you deal with it?

My story:

I'm the girl who used to have an online relationship (via Skype) with the guy, and we both still have some feelings toward each other despite him having a girlfriend, so we've tried to stay friends. It's hard, but we still care about each other. Even though I refuse to do anything sexual with the guy as long as he's in a relationship with someone else and made that clear, he and his girlfriend are both the jealous type. She is jealous of me, merely because her boyfriend still talks to me at all. And he gets jealous whenever he finds out I'm interested in someone I meet on online dating sites. He and his girlfriend broke up for about a month and got back together, so I'm not sure where this leaves me as far as "pursuing" the man I have feelings for. Before the break-up, he'd been with his girlfriend for about a year. So that's how long we've tried being "just friends" and it's still weird because feelings are still there on both ends to some degree.

What would you all recommend I do in my situation? What situations like this have you been in, and how did you handle it? What would be your general advice to someone in a love triangle?


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  • The only triangle like situation I've been in was my boyfriend of a few years having another girlfriend... who turned out to be his girlfriend first... maybe a year before we met... so he made me the home wrecking other woman :|

    We didn't know about each other for years.

    Honestly, I suggest you try your best to move on and stop talking to him. The reason I suggest this is because I honestly don't believe you can be "just friends" with someone once you've crossed that line and have romantic feelings. As you've already admitted in your question this is difficult for you.

    Another thing I want to point out is that it doesn't seem like he takes you seriously as he stayed with his girlfriend, and even went back to her after they broke up. Also, if in the event they do break up... do you really want to be a rebound? That's just asking for another mess.

    Lastly, you've stated how he gets jealous because you try to move on... which is bull! You won't ever be able to move on until he's out of your life because you're hanging on the hope of what? Him deciding to be with you? He's not putting you first in his life, he doesn't deserve to be put first in yours.

    My general advice for anyone in a love triangle is to run far away, like forest, get the hell outta there. You want someone who is going to respect you and make you a priority... unless you're into that kinda open relationship thing. Then who am I to say anything, have at it!

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