What the hell is going on? Does he like me? Does he just want to date and have fun?

Excuse my language, I am sorry I am just beyond confused. This boy and I dated a little over a year ago. He liked me or was interested in me persay and I liked him. He told me he wanted to just date and wanted to take me out, I said yes. I was the boy's date to a dance and then we went on two more dates. However, because I was so awkward (he was the first boy I ever really dated) he thought by my behavior I didn't like him, so he dropped me and moved on, as well as I. THEN I was this boys prom date and Brock (the boys name) was lite. He did not like that. He would text me (he never uses his phone) talk to me (hes too busy to socialize) and on prom night he would not leave me a lone. He'd ditch his date to leave and talk to me and he'd always look over, etc. Really though, I was only the boy's date. THEN I actually began to have a thing with one of Brock's club friends. This was about for three months as a thing, Brock backed off me then, btu he always kept up to date with me and his friend. Then when thngs began to not work out LITERALLY the night he found out him and his club friend were over he messaged me over Facebook and asked if I was okay and if I never needed anyone I was here. Then he asked to a movie and then another movie. Finallym on the third ask to a movie, I went, We went on three more dates, one including my birthday where he took me out to breakfast and got me this cute present and everything and one where we kissed. After the kissing date, we went on one more date and then he kind of just stopped talking to me. I assumed its because he got a kiss out of me and was done, and I didn't really care it's not like I kiss everyone. NOW this year I had a relationship that was getting serious with an amazing boy but I found out he lied to me about using illegal substances so I said I couldn't do this. During this time though I could tell Brock was bleh about everything and I asked him who he liked beause that was the gossip of the school and I joked around with him and he said, "Go back to your boy" very rudely. I said jokingly I didn't have a boy and for him to tell me who he likes and he said well since your have a boyfriend I can't tell you now. This ending with the boy that used illega substances just happened, and Brock and I are still good friends so I was at a local mall and stopped to see himat his job to say hi. We grabbed coffee after his shift and we had a good time. He was all flirty calling me my nick name blah blah. Then he asked me if I was busy and wanted to go to the beach. I said no because I didn't really want to get played again and I have dated quite enough, but What on earth is going on with him? Does he like me? Does he just want to ply around with me? Is he just a load of confusing? Please oh please help! Sorry for such a long message, but please help with what's going on with Brock.


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  • I think he likes the fact of wanting whst he can't have...once he has he he doesn't care for you as much. If I were you I'd move on from him I just don't think he likes seeing you happy.

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