Why text me and not reply?

We not spoken for a year because all of a sudden he stopped replying to my texts and I sent him so many messages which he ignored then he was online on whatsapp so I asked him what's wrong and he said f*** off so I said delete my number ill delete yours he replied thank you now he texts me on whatsapp omg so I text who's this no reply I add and see his pic and said omg? No reply wth why text me then

Well he's reminded me he exists eurgh :/


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  • what did he text?

    hes one of those people who will go back round girls theyve messaged in the past and make contact again to keep their potential dates numbers up

    • He just sent one word omg

      I replied with who's this? Omg?

      He hasn't texted me since then

    • oh, in that case it might have been accidental or pretending to be accidental to see if you still have his number

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  • omg that's so damn creepy. Just ignore it.

  • He's a really an a**hole I don't think you should even worry as to why he didn't reply to you that's horrible.

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