How do you feel about a guy that will fight to get you?

So you're having a problem choosing between your ex and a new guy. How do you feel about the new guy fighting and doing everything in his power to get your heart? Would it bring you to like him even more?


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  • What girl doesn't want a guy who would be willing to do anything for her? The trick is doing this without seeming desperate. But yeah...gotta appreciate a guy who puts a little extra oomph in his game.

    • I have a bit of an idea but just in case, how would you go about doing it without seeming desperate?

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    • Well..One thing I do know is that you need to let her know what she is missing. Give her an amazingly great night and then don't call her for a while. Like that... You seem like a really sweet guy, so this might be a bit difficult for you, but you can't sell your soul to a girl who isn't yours yet. Listen to what this other guy does and show her gently that you can do better. Don't by shy. You're the better guy in this. She just doesn't know it yet. Be confident. Think of yourself as the prize

    • Wow, nice answer, I like that and yes it is a tad bit difficult but I like your idea and will do it.

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  • If my ex wasn't doing much to "fight for me" and the other guy was I would completely take that into consideration and it would help his situation. There's a reason my ex is my ex right?

  • Yes it will, It will help me to get over my ex and see that my ex is "my ex" for a reason and give some one who is trying their hardest to get me. I've had this situation a couple of times. I wanted to be back with my ex so bad. But the new guy would not give up at all. That made me take a real interest in him


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