Guy I like cuts himself? How should I help him, when I'm not near him?

I met this guy at a work experience program, we talked every day, and he seemed like a perfectly normal person. But he got kicked out of the program and was sent home. He lives 100 mile's away, so I don't see him as much, but even if I don't talk to him directly anymore, I still like him, and wish to see him one day. We Facetime each other sometime's and text each other every other day. We were having a normal conversation when texting, and then all of a sudden he was really sad, and told me he cut's himself. He was basically texting in shouty captions, and seemed mad about something. He usually get's depressed out of know where, and I saw on Facebook, that he wanted to end his life. I saw that he get's bullied on, and teased on at School. I guess this is the reason why he get's mad out of know where when we text. I really want to help him, but when I try to encourage him to be happy, and to stay strong, but he just say's, "I will" and then just changes the subject. I really like this guy, he's really nice and he's told me that he loved me, but I'm not really sure about that. Need help with this, and I want to help him? He's said that he's sick and tired of being single, and no one at his school like's him? I tried everything, making him happy, and showing how I care for him, but it doesn't work. Any help?


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  • Let someone know you can only do so much for him.