Am I creeping this guy out?


So I really like this guy I talk to at the gym. I know him from school but I have already graduatedso the gym is the only place I see him. I'm not going to lie... I have totally memorized his work out schedule! Is that creepy? I also could go to a gym closer to myhouse but I go this one a little further because he is therefore!

But we do talk every time at the gym. We just talk about what were doing now and say little jokes about people we know. Most of the time he comes up to me but last time I went up to him and he didn't say much. He has mentioned if I am going to come to the gym more often now and why I don't visit the college I graduated from(he is still there).

I really like him but I gave him my number like 2 years ago and he doesn't text or call. wouldn't he text or call if he was interested? To be fair I've only been single the past month so maybe he thinks I have a boyfriend?

So back to my primary question... is it too creepy to go to the gym every day when I know he will be there so I can talk to him?

Also di you think I should make more of a move or shiuld I wait for him to do something?

Oh also he knows my brother and this guy mentions to him that he sees me at the gym... I think that's a good sign

  • You are a creep! forget it!
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  • A little creepy... maybe you two are just friends
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  • I have no idea!
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  • He likes you! wait for him to ask you out
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  • Ask him to hang out/ get number
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  • Voted E. It isn't creepy at all. I would do the same if I were you :D. If I like a person I would go to his usual hangout always . I did that before.

    If you have the courage please ask him out

    • Yeah! I was so worried I was a creep! Thanks!

    • Np :) there are many girls like us haha. I like I wld find chances to be ard him like butterfly or bee flying around flower :P

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  • I go with option F.. you are NOT creepy.. but you two are friends.. I don't think that mentioning your brother that he sees you is a out of the world thing.. and your memory is just good, and you have a crush on him.. no issue. Just try to bring the topic of your convo to relationships and hint him that you are single.

  • I don't think you are at all

  • Don't over think it. Just casually say "so when are ya gonna call me?"


What Girls Said 1

  • no you're not creepy seriously