Why would a girl ignore a guy she's interested in to the point of disinterest?

Ok I was just wondering about something because it seems to be becoming a pattern and I'm wondering if anybody has any experienced or alternative points of view on the subject. I've dated 4 girls in my life 3 of them asked me out and I asked the fourth one out. Thing is I was somewhat friends with most of them before hand.

I noticed that we'd talk quite a bit before they asked me out and after they asked me out they'd talk a bit but mainly just seemed to ignore me most the time. I understand they have their own lives and can be busy so I respected that and didn't try calling, texting or messaging them constantly.

At first I'd message /call/text maybe twice a week and I wouldn't get a response. So I'd wait a while until they'd try and contact me. It would usually be through text. We'd talk for maybe an hour sending texts every 5-10min or so about once a week. I was OK with this since they usually seemed busy.

After a while maybe about a couple weeks to a month or so they'd say they felt we were growing distant. My response was to text anytime and I'd respond. When I tried to text them, or call them no response. So I'd just wait for them to text as usual.

The thing is I'm in university while they were not. I'd usually see them once a week unless I had a midterm on the usual day of the week that I'd see them or they'd cancel to hang out with friends (which happened a lot)

After a little while they'd break up with me do to lack of interest.

I guess my question is why would somebody ask me out if they had no interest in dating me to begin with (as it seemed to me) and they didn't want to put any effort towards the relationship we had?

Also girls have you ever done this to a guy and why did you do it? Was it just figuring out you weren't interested in the guy after dating him.

Guys has this ever really happened to you and do you know why?

They seemed very happy and excited and joyous to see me when it was in person but when I wasn't next to them they just seemed like they didn't care.

When they broke up with me they said it had nothing to do with me and when I asked if there was anything that I could do to help they responded with a no.

I'm just really wondering if it had something to do with me and what it might be so that way I could improve on it in the future.

TL;DR girl started showing interest, got to know me, asked me out,and started distancing herself from me. Was she ever really interested, just messing with my head, or is their possibly something about me pushing them away. Please tell your experiences if you've ever done this or experienced this.


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