Tried to kiss me then doesn't speak to me? Please help!

I ended things with him after 10 months because he was taking me for granted/not making me any sort of priority

Its been 2 months since we have split. In the last month he has initiated contact with me almost everyday (Whilst I know this probably isn't the best thing)

At a social event last night, he told me how he realized how hard I tried, he misses what we had and thinks I don't realize how much he still feels for me. He then proceeded to try and kiss me.

I backed out and told him for now there is no way I'm just going to be some casual hookup and I can't let myself get hurt again

We still had a really enjoyable time for the rest of the night and he messaged to see if I got home safely

But the day after he didn't make any contact with me which is quite strange because we have spoken almost everyday with very few exceptions

Why do you think this is?

Is he backing off because he realized how adamant I am in not giving into him?

Is it some sort of coincidence that I'm reading into? I just don't understand?

Please help


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  • He realized his mistake and wanted to fix things, you rejected him so he is probably deciding if he wants to try again or move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • you embarassed him!