I recently converted to theism. How does that change my dating profile?

I went from not worshiping at all to worshiping for 10 hours a day. My family members who knew me from before tell me that I need to laugh more and that I always look so sombre. My life has gone from going to parties to feeding hungry kids in Africa and I'm not sure how I should incorporate this into my dating life. I thought I'd be better off with somebody who is not as religious as me - that way I can contribute a quality to the relationship that the other person does not have so should I limit my dating choices to religious guys or to guys who aren't as religious as me but still religious?


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  • I personally wouldn't date someone who wasn't religious. I think a lot of people would feel the same, however I don't think in the long term it is a good idea to date someone with drastically different beliefs. I think it just creates unecessary hostility and awkwardness. If that other person is one of the evangelic atheists then it's likely that they'd stop at nothing to get you to think the same. I think it'd be better to look for someone who is similar to you in the faith regard


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  • You will need to find someone who can worship with you or at least be in a relationship understanding that you will be worshipping for 10 hours a day. It also depends if this worship is individual only (i.e you in a room by yourself praying/singing etc) or walking around the house singing while doing something.

    However, don't limit yourself to people who are like you. Dating is a way to meet other people who are SIMILAR to you but not the same. Try your hand with each and see if a compromise can be made here and there. Remember that the compromise must be fair and this does not mean dating someone who does not agree with your theism.

    Follow your own rationality. Most of all, pray for guidance on this issue.


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  • Ten hours a day? You would need someone equally as religious as you are in order to even maintain a relationship because not everyone is going to put up with that.