Guys are their some girls who have change their mind about you and wanted to date you but you refused?

Lets say after you confess your feelings to a female friend of yours by telling her you want to be more than friends, but at that moment she turned you down, so later own in life she apologized for breaking your heart and wanted another shot at you, but you kindly told her, you're really not sure about that, so instead you put her in the friendzone?

I'm asking cause I always hear about guys still agreeing to date a girl after she rejected him, so can it be sometimes him not agreeing too.

Another reason why I asked cause when it's the other way around like a guy apologizing to a girl, who he kindly said let's just the befriends, then after he changed his mind and wanted another chance, she'll reject him.


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  • I am not much for "confessing" my love for someone, and even less if it is "early" on, I kind of only do it when I sense it very likely that they will say YES, I would probably at the very least kiss them before ever being vocal about feelings, hence ofthen avoiding (at least a verbal official) friendzone situation, actually friendzone sucks so I do not stay on it whenever put there, I move on ASAP, and so should you.

    That said, of course I have had some times in which someone interesting comes along and I "see what happens", but she sometimes seems uninterested, so while I am not fast to give up, I am also even slower to get my hopes to high, so if she is not that into it, I lay back a little too, and I had not really thought about what you are saying here until I read your question, it probably had happen some times in my life but on the top of my mind comes one time of like 4 years ago (it at once shows what I do in that situation, and probably WHY girls react in the way you describe):

    4 years ago this girl arrives to live in my street and we kind of notice each other since day one, and both are clearly interested but I am bussy as few times in my life, so we take it SLOW but one month later we are texting like a cheesy couple and she is actually the one moving things in such a way to create opportunities to be together, so I am possitive she likes me back, but still we see each other less than we would like, MY FAULT yes, and I understand, but she seems to grow fonder of me anyway, but all of a suden (took a month to bring us that close and then 3 days to destroy it) she cuts every comunication, so next time I come across her she is like ashamed and evasive, she had met another guy, I was still superbusy, so not a lot of time to be sad, and certainly, while I had grown to like her a lot, we still were not in a couple phase, nothing serious yet, so she was entitled to fall in love with somebody else, and I took it easy, but since she was so nice I kept her as a friend, then 2 weeks later we started comunicating a lot again, since, her words "you are the only one with whom I can talk for hours", so she look for me again as FRIENDS, told me about the other guy, still ashamed since obviously she thought of me as more than a friend a first, but no problem to me, I had already made up my mind to be friends only. by the end of the second month of knowing her I go to a party at her place to take a BREAK from work, she is with him, the mood is ON, HE REJECTS HER.

    NOT SURE, probably if she had played it nice and kind of "realized my mistake now I will fight for you", I MAY have consider it, but what she did: things get awkward, the guy leaves, she comes to me for support, then that very night she goes blunt an is like "we had something going on, lets resume it where we left it", I was like "really I do not want to loose this friendship".

    consolation price much? maybe that is what girls feel and why they reject the guy that (suddenly) changes mind

    • She only wanted you because the guy she was with turn her down, but you was smart enough to say "lets not ruin our friendship"

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  • Not sure if helpful, but this guy liked me and asked me out a while back and I felt quite intimidated and extremely confused. I always thought we only had friendship between us but he wanted more. Everything was too intense and too fast for me, and although I agreed to one date, I turned him down for the second (not very tactfully! I'm so stupid) and he agreed that we weren't suited for eachother. I felt like it we the right thing to do. After that, he stopped speaking to me and trying to make an effort.

    Since then, I've realized that perhaps I did like him back, and I miss him greatly now. I just felt out of my depth and he came in too strongly.

    It's taking a lot of self control not to go back and apologise and ask him to give me another chance. But I think he's moved on now... Which I deeply regret. I don't think I have the courage or the chance to get him back.

    And in tandem with your question, I presume if I asked, he will refuse me. Because I bet my actions come across as playing games with him even if that isn't the case.


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  • No one alive has ever, nor ever will, change their minds about me. My 1st impression is almost always my last.

    • No girl will ever change her mind about you is what you're saying?

      Also meaning if she changed her mind about you, you wouldn't forget about how turn you down..Even though she didn't mean to be hurtful, still you've moved on.

    • That is what I am saying. I'm a very hit-or-miss type of man.

      As for holding grudges I've never been good at it. If sufficient time passed I'm not one to hold them; I mean if she turned around in a month and didn't like me before but decides otherwise since my traits haven't changed she's just fooling herself. I'll protect her from herself.