His friends broke up with me in text?

There is this guy I go out with (I am in 8th btw) so anyways. We went to Hershey park I spent the whole day with him on every ride and he hugged me because I got really scared pretty much on every ride. It was really nice. So the next night his friend texted me claiming he was gonna break up with me. His other friend texted me and told me he was walter (my bf) and he was like that's it... we are over. I was really confused and calling him would only make it weirder if it wasn't really him. I told my friend who is good friends with them and she told me it wasn't Walter. Don't they know those things can hurt a girl's feelings even if they were messing around


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  • Some guys are just total jerks, let your boyfriend know what they did I'm sure he won't be too happy about it either. Some guys don't think about things when they do it, only after it happens. Lesson learned if someone texts you saying they are your boyfriend don't believe them instead call and talk. Texting can be both good and bad, this is an example of a bad situation. And if it keeps happening tell your boyfriend, he wouldn't want you to constantly be harassed by his friends.

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