Do some guys still talk to the girl's father?

I've heard of some guys still doing that, even when just going out on a date.

Two guys once tried that when I was 19 and just last year. The response both got was ''Why are you asking me, shouldn't you be talking to her''. He isn't interest in meeting my dates and pretty much doesn't get involve in my dating nor relationship life unless it was a super special event or doesn't see the guy as a stranger he'll not see again.

But needless to say, both guys were surprised by his indifference. I was surprised that some guys still do that.


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  • I always wanted to meet parents when getting to know someone, but I agree, when it's just casual dating, most parents aren't interested. Only when something serious is going gon do the parents really want to get involved.

    But I was never was involved with formal pick-the-girl-up dating either, I met them at events or when working together on something. So I was already a friend of the family before any kind of relationship developed.


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  • If we were going out on many dates or have 2 or more bfs over the years then I can see why a father would suddenly become uninterested in meeting the woman's next potential boyfriend. Our fathers aren't absent minded as we like to think. Dads know us so well.

    I can't imagine my father trying to meet every single guy I talk to. After guy 2, he would probably have a headache.

  • I don't need my dad's permission to date a guy - nor do I want it. I WOULD appreciate it if a guy asked my dad's permission to marry me. I just think that's sweet.

    • I know right. I hate when I'm reading about how some dads act overprotected that they questioned the guy she's dating. It's not like she's going to marry the first guy she ever dates or is in a relationship with.

    • Very true. My parents didn't even know I had my first boyfriend until we broke up lol.

  • My dad ALWAYS demands to talk to the guys I'm dating.

    Usually guys are totally fine with doing so, too. Although many are intimidated at first, because my dad can be pretty scary..