I think my boyfriend is really hurt by the fact that I would kiss another girl?

We were watching the movie scene of a guy couple making out and my boyfriend said "Can you imagine kissing someone of your sex? it must be so gross"

Well not to me, I think I'd quite enjoy it, which is what I told him and he kinda insecure and defensive after that.

I'm not really attracted to women, but I think it would be interesting to kiss or even have sex with one. Not gross at all.

He kept asking why I am with him then and why I would even want to be with men in general instead of women. And I honestly don't know. Logically I can't come up with a reason why I want to be with men, I just do. But I def do, I don't want to be in a relationship with another girl.

I feel guilty now and I wonder how to make it up to him? I probably shouldn't have said, but I didn't want to lie either


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  • A lot of men (and women, actually) get upset about this kinda thing. Desiring something that our partners are incapable of giving us can lead to lots of negative emotions (inadequacy being one of them). Most people outgrow this kinda thing...I know that, at 31, I certainly have.

    I would just reassure him using the same words you used above: that you can't explain why you want to be with men because there's no reason for it...it's just who you are. And you don't want to be in a relationship with another girl (or with anyone else, for that matter), and that you only want him.

    And don't feel guilty. I can guarantee you that he likes and desires some things that you can't give him, but it doesn't mean that he loves or desires you any less.


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