Friend is ignoring me?

One of my friends is ignoring me because I annoyed them, but here is the story.

So I got one of my friends a gift to say congrats on getting selected to be a model. She's in the same class as me so I was going to give her the gift after class but she never showed up, so I went and dropped it off her house after class was over. She wasn't home so I left it on the steps and I called her and left her a message telling her what I did for her. For like 6 hours I didn't hear back from her, so I started to get worried cause it was supposed to rain so I called her and asked her if she got the gift, no answer. I texted her, no response. I called and texted her every 30 minutes and she finally answered after 6 hours. She was mad at me for blowing up her phone. She said she got it. Didn't say thanks. All she said was she was busy and couldn't talk.

I told her I was sorry, I just wanted to make sure she got the gift and didn't want it to get messed up from the rain. She never said thank you or anything. When I tried to explain to her why I acted like that she ignored me. I texted her the next day to say sorry and still no response back. I haven't talked to her in 3 days but I don't understand why she is mad. Did I annoy her with the texting, yes. All I was doing was making sure she got her gift.


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  • give her some space


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