Is he blowing me off or is it just me?

So these past weeks/months I've been talking to my crush. Well we both got to the point of admitting to eachother we liked eachother and how we should've dated before he left the country. We talked days on end without a break. We decided after admitting our feelings that we wouldn't date till he returned in the summer. He would tell me he missed me a lot and loves me. Also that he thinks of me constantly but the last couple days he won't talk or takes hours to respond. He claims he's in a bad service area buthe takes hours to respond! It's only been 4-5 days and he did email me saying he would talk to me once he returns but he's sick so he won't return home till he's better? But he does tell me he misses me. Is it just me or is he stopping things because we planned on me visiting in April?


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  • In bad service areas sometimes your texts don't even reach him for several hours. And if he's sick he probably can't/shouldn't fly. I think you're just nervous and are over thinking it. I would give him the benefit of the doubt, since he stuck with this long distance thing this long. If he doesn't change his behavior once he's back, then you need to just ask him what's up. I wouldn't get super paranoid though, it'll be a huge turnoff for him if you go full blown crazy in texts/voicemails haha

    • I only text him once after his last response just kinda waiting. Thinking he's probably a lot more ill then he said!

  • Why are you over thinking it? He may be saying the truth..btw which country is he in now? and which country do you belong to?


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