I don't understand. Is she interested?

This semester in college I started talking to this girl in one of my classes. She seemed interested so I asked for her number. We've been texting everyday for the past few weeks or so. We've also started plating a games online together.

However, any attempt I make at meeting up always ends in some excuse. Which makes no sense because she once said "we should hang out outside of class" once to me. So I was going to just drop it and not start any conversations because she didn't seem interested anymore. But she continues to text me and I feel bad not responding. I do like her, but I can't tell what she's doing. It seem she does too but is playing hard to get, or just wants a "texting buddy".

What do you think? Should I just flat out stop responding to her texts?


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  • stop responding dude... she's clearly using you.. And if you think she maybe shy, drop it off, shy girls don't start a texting convo.. increase your value. give her the same excuses. if she cares a bit, she'll arrange a meeting, if she doesn't care she will stop texting. Its a win-win situation if you stop chatting

  • It is clear that she is using u..but don't end up anything suddenly..remind that Something is better than nothing...dont text her often..u too can use her as time pass when you are boring..if she really care you means she will say why you doing like this..at that time tell your demands and enjoy it..else move on from her