How do you know when a girl really cares about you?

This girl and I have a history we dated in high school and broke up but continued to be friends. We went to different schools so we only talked and hangout ever once and a while. We talked a couple times but nothing ever came of it. Now were in college and go to different schools. We recently began talking again and hangout over break and kissed after every time we hangout. I really care about this girl and would have dated her at any of those times. (she ended all of them). Does she care about me as much as I do her? did she just not want a relationship because it was hard the fact we were going to different schools and about to go to college? do girls consider this stuff? or should I just move on because I care far more than she does. Or should I just ask her? Thank you for your comments I need some help with this.


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  • You just know. You don't have to wonder because she shows it and YOU feel it!

    • I do feel it and she shows me it. I guess its the past that makes me think haha. I think too much about stuff. If it works out it works out! and if it doesn't it doesn't. Either way ill eventually know.

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  • I don't think there are any answers that apply to all girls or answers that apply only to girls. I think that the way that she treats you suggests that she does care for you. However, it is quite reasonable to hold back on starting a relationship when you are about to go your separate paths. Have you thought about how this would work out if she was agreeable to a relationship? What kind of assurance can you give her that your career paths won't separate you even further? I don't know if these are the only things that hold her back, but they could be enough.

    • Thanks I probably just think to much because she does show it. The past kinda makes me question it a little more. But Normally I'm a chill guy let things play out, I'll probably just talk to her about it if she still seems as interested. but side note do you think it would be a bad idea to say nothing and let this go until summer? I don't want to make her think I want to rush into a relationship and like I said I will not see her all of spring semester.

    • The timing represents a small dilemma. If you bring it up now, she will have a lot of time to think about it will little opportunity to do anything about it. If you keep silent, it will plague you all that time. I don't know which is the best way to go.

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