How should I get in contact with him again?

I've known this guy for about two years now and a few months after we met we had a little fling, but it faded and we stopped talking. We'd bump into each other every once in a while, but nothing ever came of it. Two years later, I still get chills when I see him across the street or something and I just want to see what would happen now. He smiles back when I smile and when he saw me at a party a few months ago he talked to me for a while and flirted a little, but I got nervous and made an excuse to leave with friends. But who knows if he would have made a move or not. Ideally, I'd like a casual "we'll see where this goes" thing, but how do I get there? I've thought about either texting him some weekend night sort of flirty but vague, or texting him sober during the day asking him to edit a paper of mine like he used to. What should I do? Better ideas?


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  • well you can send him a flity text on weekends and see what happens next


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