Two months of confusion, need help

So I've been dating this guy for two months, sorta long distance but we did initially meet online on blender. Since then we have had sex and see each other a lot during the week. I deleted my blender account to show that he is who I'm interested in, but he has yet to delete his. I caught him in a lie, saying he is rarely online but I can see that he is "online now" just by checking the website on a random search since I do not have my account anymore. Every time we hangout it seems it is just us that we are in a relationship (plan future trips to New york and visiting families, hold hands, hang out with friends and get gifts for each other, he does call me his girlfriends at times) but I feel that when I leave and we text that he's not interested. I'm not sure if its a guy thing, but I do have trust issues and can't tell if he's using me and writing other females. What should I do? Maybe I'm over thinking things but I mean two months in and he still has his account to talk to other girls, it's like a slap in the face.


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  • Have you guys has the exclusivity conversation? You made need to be blunt with what you want. Stop assuming he knows what you want just because you deleted your account. I have found many guys will talk about the future because women want to hear that.

    Now the lying part. That would be a deal breaker for me and I'd start my account up again.

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