What constitutes a date?

Like friends together.you think the guy friend might like you.he asks you if you wanna get food like three days in advance. You go to dinner he pays, you hang out just the two of you in random places and are being spontanious. You drive all over town together until late at night then you go home, but you are kinda flirting.

Is that a date or is a date something along the lines of you know its a date, dinner and a movie and kissy kissy lovy dovy stuff. Like stuff straight out of the movies

Ive never been on a date so I don't know and the above dinner thing happened to me. So really are all dates different. Can you tell when its a date or what. I'm oblivious I don't know these things


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  • a date ? something more official in nature that the 2 of you mutually agreed to in advance or were aware was going to be more than just hanging out . basically its an outing that is something more than normal and both people are aware of that


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