What gender is blamed more when they aren't successful at dating?

Simple question. If (insert gender) aren't successful at dating, then its always 1000% their fault . They're wrong and everyone else is right. However, when (insert gender) aren't successful at dating its never their fault and people refrain from blaming them because its the" politically correct" thing to do .

  • Women are blamed more than men
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  • Men are blamed more than women
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  • I can definitely say that it is men who are blamed. If a woman doesn't have a boyfriend, she is termed 'choosy' but if a man doesn't have a girlfriend, he's labeled a 'loser'. Also, when a woman chooses to remain single, people say stuff like 'she's focusing on her career', 'she's waiting for her soul mate' etc., but if a man chooses to remain single, people say 'he's incapable of attracting women', 'he may be impotent' and other such nasty stuff.

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  • i just feel that people should stop blaming each other. when people are not physically attracted to one, they are just not. and why should anyone just accept someone that come along the way

  • Women

  • Haha, this doesn't exist. Where do you get these ideas? We are all just people trying to make the most of our lives. Every relationship will fail until you find your last relationship. It's nobody's fault. Why do you try to see the world in a victim/perpetrator manner?

  • Women.

    If a guy is screwing up, "all women are bitches".

    If a girl is screwing up, "you keep dating the wrong guys".

    • Allow me to be logical 'for' you.

      Girls are told they date the wrong guys because they have a selection, albeit keep making terrible decisions.

      I think women instinctively know they're not very bright at making decisions, so they prefer a man who can pick up her slack.

      "I like a man who knows what he wants and gets it. I like decisive men. Leaders."

    • As opposed to men, who if they can't get a date they get to hear about what a loser they are as if there's something wrong with them?

      Hell, I had just broken up with a girlfriend when a girl had approached me for a date. I told her I wasn't interested. She didn't even stop to listen why before she accused me of being gay.

    • hamburgers/kanye shrug whatever you're not smart so stop pretending to me.

  • Men are blamed when they are not successful at securing dates. Women are blamed when they are not successful at keeping them.

    A man who has never had a girlfriend is assumed to have a defect of some sort while a woman who has had multiple boyfriends is assumed to be defective as well.


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  • Men.

    Men are expected to get shit done. Something we've always done.

    Men put humanity on our backs and carried it from gloomy caves to illustrious metropolises.

    W***n are lazy, and nobody expects lazy people to accomplish anything.

  • Men, definitely.

    Look at the way women criticise "nice guys" and claim that because they complain about their lack of success with women romantically, that must mean that they're not in fact nice. They are usually.

    Then look at the way people praise single Mothers while attacking the men who leave them. Women have so many different kinds of birth control, the pill, the implant, the coil etc. If a condom splits they got the morning after pill. Then if it goes any further which it shouldn't, they have the choice of abortion or outting the kid up for adoption. A woman who really doesn't want a child has everything needed to prevent it. Single Mothers are often just irresponsible. They often either don't bother using it, or they lie to their boyfriends about being on the pill and then pretend that it's an accident. I and my girlfriend have known many women admit to this, then they complain that the guy isn't a perfect father. It's like wtf did they expect? Yet who gets all the criticism? "Deadbeat Dads" "running away from their responsibilities'. I'm not saying all of them are angels, but neither are women. Try telling one of these women that they should have chosen better and watch how quickly they all criticise you, yet these same women will say the exact same thing to a man who has been taken to the cleaners in divorce and encourages other men not to.marry so that they can avoid it.

    A man cheats on a woman? "What a pig, men just think with their dicks." Woman cheats? "His fault for not taking care of her needs. He probably drove her to it".

  • Oh please. Men have been blamed fro everything for decades now, including this.