Any idea how these Universities are?

''Florida Atlantic University..'University of Wyoming' can abuse me as much as you want for asking a question about an educational institution :D...I am late for the Toefl exam and the dates seem blocked for the next one month, so I see myself getting late for applying to all old and perhaps well known universities. Though I have looked it up online I just wanted to know if people on here hailing from the US who might have any idea about the above mentioned universities. Many thanks in advance. :D :D :D


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  • those schools are 'small'. fau has somewhat negaitve reviews because so many people go there for their first 1-2 years then move on to one of the big 3 schools in FL. also, where you go depends on what you want to do.

    if you have good test scores/grades, you can get into any 'major' school at any time. scholarships are just used up for early applicants.

  • I don't know much about either, but FAU is in a beautiful part of the country and will have a lot of fringe benefits for you (like TONS of HOT Florida girls). I can't speak to how either is ranked in terms of particular programs though.

    • Ok, that could be an added advantage, though the faculty seems good, but I wana know the opinions of people about FAU, I saw the pics and it is indeed beautiful. :) :)

    • Can't help you there as I didn't go. My guess with either place is that your options would mostly be local. People in Florida know FAU. People in Wyoming know their school. So you're going to find it easier to get a job in whichever local market you go to school in.

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