Texting less, trying to talk to me more?

So me and this guy that likes me have been texting for three months almost everyday. He has a girlfriend of two years but recently went on a break with her because he likes me. He took me out on a date but didn't make a move or anything which I appreciated because I said I wouldn't do anything with him when he had a girlfriend. Lately he's been texting me less because we've been texting more than talking in person. At school he'll come around me when I'm with my friends but will end up just staring at me and will get all quiet which in turn will make me nervous to talk because I don't want to say something stupid. Whenever I'm walking with one friend or alone he easily calls me over to talk but when I'm with a group he is very shy. What's up with this?


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  • "He has a girlfriend of two years but recently went on a break with her because he likes me. " ... sadly this makes no sense. If he liked you so much he would have broken up with his girlfriend. The fact that he's simply on a break means he still wants to keep the door open for her, which means he does still have feelings for her. His behavior is adding up to the assessment. He doesn't really commit to talking to you all the time because you're not the only girl on his mind. So that could be why he's texting you less. His behavior in person makes sense too. Not too enthusiastic but not too unfriendly as well. This guy is obviously liking the fact that he has a girl on the side line who fancies him but the truth remains that he's not really as into this as you are. If he was, he'd have broken up officially with his girl a long time ago.