Texting, dating and time between dates, good sign/bad signs?

I've been talking to this guy for a little over a month now. But in that time frame we've only been on a total of 3 dates. The issue being our schedules are not meshing right now. After date two he immediately set something up for date three but our schedules ended up conflicting so it was just over two weeks that I saw him again. I was surprised that I actually saw him again given it was so many weeks since our last date. Third date was a quick lunch before I headed out for Thanksgiving but it was good. I feel like when I'm with him that he is totally into me. Like zero doubt that he isn't. The way he looks at me makes my knees weak. But when I'm not with him I barely hear from him. Like I tried really hard at the beginning to not initate text messages...which I was successful at for about two weeks. I'd hear from him maybe every two-three days. But after that time frame I've started initating 97% of the time. He usually responds (sometimes several hours later) but I've noticed at this point he rarely continues the conversation on. At our last date he didn't kiss me but I could tell he wanted to and was maybe a little disappointed that he didn't. He mentioned trying to get together again soon but I am about to be out of state for a week on vacation so I wanted to get together before I left. (To avoid another two week gap between seeing him) I tried to intiate getting together a couple days after our last date but he had friends in town and then his family was coming into town the following day. So basically, because of the holidays and our work schedules it may not work out again at least for another couple of weeks. I'm getting frustrated because I feel like I can't read him. Do you a) think that if he liked me he would definitely be texting me first or do you think that maybe he's just not a texter kind of guy? b) could this actually be anything if such large chunks of times keep happening between dates?/ If he was really into me he'd find 40 minutes in day even just to grab coffee with me? C) What is appropriate texting from a guy's standpoint? Is it okay if the girl initiates most of the time as long as it isn't all day every day? Would it be a turn off if a girl was being very upfront about wanting to see you again?


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  • My boyfriend hates his phone. We've been exclusive for 3 months, we dated for 2 months before that. The only time he texted was to say he had a good time on our last date and to make a future date. We don't have any conversations by text or talking over the phone. After we became official I had to have the 'out of sight out of mind' conversation with him. I told him I needed a at least one text a day. I don't need conversations but just something so that I know he's thinking about me. He does that and I'm happy.

    We see each other about once a week which is more than the 2 of you. I don't think you should write him off because of this. Some people just don't like there phones. I think you should wait it our a few weeks. But at the same time stop putting all of your eggs in one basket. You should date some other guys too for fun, see what you like, and to stop putting so much pressure on this guy.

  • I beef in very similar situation before... The guy turned out to be dating multiple girls and that is why he didn't act too interested in texting and why I rarely saw him and why he was often 'busy". I was lucky enough to know one of the girls who knew him well had dated his best friend before. Truth is, if a guy is interested, he want to find time for you, and he will text you more, initiate, and reply asap.