Non-cliche fun first date ideas?

Thinking about asking a girl out in the next couple of days. Thing is, It's been about 4 years since I've been on one (busy with life) so I'm pretty rusty haha.

Also, she's a bit younger than I am. I'm in my mid 20s and she's 19. I'm sure she would like to do something fun. I'm not really digging the whole movie thing since you can't get to know each other. Dinner we can get to know each other but I don't want to make a bad impression when I eat (I can get a little messy depending on the food lol) nor is it that exciting.

So does anyone have any fun date ideas? What was your funnest date?


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  • I don't like dinner as a first date thingy, you feel obligated to sit through dinner even though the date isn't that good. I went on a date Sunday, it was an icesculpture thingy, really nice. There are little markets with a Christmas theme already in my country, I don't know if they do that where you live? You could take her bowling, iceskating (if you're both into that), climbing in a sports complex, if she's into art or history maybe a museum or even the arcade! I got some ideas from, so maybe you could google "fun first date ideas" and see which one you'd like and she would like! Good luck with finding something and on your date ofcourse!

    • Great ideas here! :)

    • Agree with Stacyzee. Love these ideas. I never thought of bowling. I love going Cosmic bowling and it will bring the kid out in me haha. I'm sure she would enjoy it as well.

    • Well there you go! Have fun :D

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  • Take her to dinner somewhere unique. At the very least you can make comments about the restaurant if the regular convo doesn't work out. Not sure if it's first date material, but I went to a restaurant called O Noir, where you get served by blind waiters in the pitch black. Very fun experience and you're pretty much going to be messy (but no one will see!). It's fun an there's a band so great atmosphere.

    Find cool/crazy restaurants in your area.

    • Yeah we don't have the O Noir restaurant where I live. That's in bigger cities like NYC and LA I believe. Besides a dinner date isn't my cup of tea for a first time. I want the both of us to have a good time while moving around and stuff. But thanks for the suggestion dude.

  • Outdoor activities if you're both into that kind of thing. Find out what she likes to do and go do it with her. If she hasn't got any good ideas yet, introduce her to something you do for fun.

    Mini golf,


    Fishing (Incredibly revealing for both people)


    Bike Riding

    Cooking or other classes. (You'll be amazed how much you learn about someone by how they cook)

    Art Galleries and museums

    A paint your own pottery place, or similar...

    Goofy dinner theater like Medieval Times.

    Wine tasting


    • Sadly, too cold to do outdoor stuff nowadays. Doesn't get warmer than 30 around here now. Wine tasting definitely out since she's 19. Sushi could work. Cooking now way, since I do that already on a daily basis haha but definitely something I'll keep in mind.

  • A year age difference is "a bit younger"? News to me...

    Anyway, take her to a comedy club or a bar/restaurant with live entertainment. Chicks love to laugh and shit like that

    • I said I'm in my mid 20s (24 to be exactly) so 5 year difference haha.

      Comedy won't be an issue if she's with me (not trying to sound stuck up or anything) but I don't know too many comedy clubs around here. Besides, don't most of those have an age requirement of 21?

      And just to note: I'm American so our drinking age is 21 so that means she can't get into bars and stuff like that.

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    • Have you heard of D&Bs (Dave and Busters) by any chance? I heard it's really fun with dinner, bar and games but it was geared towards adults (obviously).

    • Yes, but I've never been there before. If it's geared towards adults, I'd say it's a good choice because it gets you active and lets you have fun with each other instead of just sitting and talking about things.

      Go there if all else fails.

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