Awkward kiss. Is this a bad sign?

Basically, I started dating this girl I met on the internet, (the first time I've done something like this), she 4 years younger than me. At the end of the first date, we hugged. Our second date was last night, and I wanted to put the moves on her. At the end of the date she actually came to my apartment briefly to watch an episode of a show I was talking about. I was planning to make a move when the show ended, but she got up really quickly to leave. So we're standing outside my parking lot, and I'm saying good bye, and I leaned in to give her a real kiss, and she just responded by a quick peck on the lips and a hug.

She then said "don't be so shy", and left immediately afterward...

I'm confused, because I wasn't being shy, I was trying to kiss her, and she sort of rejected it.

I texted her today, and she responded, friendly, but didn't have much to say.

Any advice, opinions?


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  • may be you were slow initiating , I think that fact that she said don't be shy means she's open for a kiss, and she's expecting you to go for it...I went on date with this guy, and at the end of the date we were in the parking lot about to split up, he didnot do or say anything so I just went for a hand shake, then he asked me if I would like to meet again...point is he was slow so I had to make a move.


What Guys Said 1

  • Tell her next time you're going to kiss her. Naughty grin and all. "I'm totally about to kiss you now. Better stop me if you don't like the idea.

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