Did I get rejected or did I just not give it enough time?

I saw this cute guy at a school party, I went up to him we exchanged names and chatted a little bit than I went on with my night, I didn't think much of our interaction. I went home and I realized I was still thinking about this guy so I went searching on instagram for him, I found him and added him. Maybe after 3 weeks I built up the guts to try and get his number. I commented under his picture and this is how our conversation went...

Me: Hey

Boy: wassup

Me: NM we should text sometimes :)

Boy: Word

Me: I placed my number under his pic

I did this like around 10 at night, I was waiting for a text. I went to bed and I woke up thinking I would see a text and I didn't. So I went back and deleted my number and comments from under his pic because I was embarrassed. The thing is my friend later told me that he was at a party the same night he was messaging him, so now I'm thinking he probably would of texted me by the next day, but I deleted my number to soon for him to actually right it down. what do ya think?


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  • Word? that's his response to your "we should text sometime". I mean how well do you know this guy? There is no way of knowing if he would text you or not the next day. I'd have done the same if he didn't text me the next day. In fact I wouldn't have even put my number down because I'd be thinking if this guy even remembers me or not from the party. I dont' like his one word responses either. You still have him on instagram see if he comments on anything for you.

    • Yes I was thrown off a little when I saw "word" but I just decided to take a chance anyways. Thanks for your input though.

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