Should I text her, need advice?

Told a girl my feelings towards her, and now it's sort of weird and she said she'll see me around school and she doesn't have feelings for me "like that", and since that event, it's been roughly 2 weeks, and we haven't spoken to each other or texted, and I feel like, maybe there should be a friendship still or are we just going to pretend we don't know each other and never talked, even though I've only known her for 3 months.

How should I text her? A simple hey, or, "Are we not going to talk anymore", or "I don't wanna do this/act like strangers"...

Or should I just forget it and drop her from my life completely.


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  • I think you should just try texting her and seeing if she wants to hang out some time. You say she hasn't texted you, but not if you haven't texted her. If you haven't texted her, she might be thinking something similar as you are, possibly believing you only wanted her as a potential relationship.

    Just try to act as you normally would have before. If she keeps being dodgy then, that's when you explain to her that you didn't want to make it awkward and still want to be friends. If she doesn't think she can handle being friends with someone who confessed he liked her, that's her problem, not yours.

    I had a good friend for almost a year, told her how I felt. She said she'd talk with me about it the next day. Haha, it only came up again a couple years later. Point is though, we still did basically everything together, including seeing movies, going out to dinner, walking home from school, etc. after I told her, and we still do when we can (I don't live too close atm). We've been friends for about 7 years now almost. We didn't make it weird. We rolled with it.

    Seems like that's what you want to do, so might need to find out what's on her mind.

    • She told me she feels awkward a bit, and I don't know, I mean, those feelings will never go away, but I know my place now, I'm just a friend, but, I think she thinks, I just want her sexually or something, and I miss her.

    • Your feelings may not (though really, they might one day since you weren't even in a relationship with her and found out how she felt early on). And the awkward feeling will end when she lets it. If she thinks no guy she's been just friends with has ever been attracted to her, she's fooling herself. The difference is that you were open about it.

      Just let her know you still want to be friends and it doesn't have to be awkward, because really, it doesn't, not if you're both mature about it.