Do you get bored easily by certain guys or girls?

I mean the type who come off as popular and look hot. They really don't have anything to talk about and you get so bored.

They act so cool when they talk on a computer but in real life they can't come up with a good conversation to save their life! I find nerds and people who think of crazy stuff the best to be around. I mean their is the coolest guys and girls I know who look "normal" and come up the best things to do. A ex I dated once is popular,hot,and that's all I can think about? He would bore me so bad that I would purposely start fights to feel something! There was no passion. Is it going to be like this if I date a new guy who loos good and has a vary of friends? Or do I have to date people I'm less attracted to but I feel a STRONG connection.Sorry if I sound shallow.


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  • Yeah, I can’t help but roll my eyes at guys who are so wrapped up in their looks and popularity. I figured these kinds of guys would get over themselves after high school, but so many of them still exist in college.

    I’m more interested in guys who do their own thing, and aren’t so superficial.

    Connection beats looks, in my opinion. Plus, people often grow more attracted to those who they really care about. My advice is to date someone you have fun with.


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  • Going for just looks without a connection is just madness, if there's no connection, stay away, because you won't generate one just through sex, and your have years of trying, but failing and wishing you had stayed with that guy who wasn't all that like the popular ones, but god had a great connection, and the chances are, you will see him in 5 years time and think, god, I could of been with him, and he actually looks bloody hot now lol, so , hot or not, get a connection that feels right, not just between your legs lol,x

  • A strong connection would beat attractiveness anyday but I mean there does have to be some minimal level of attraction (not repulsive). I think if a guy bores you in a relationship you should talk to him about it but as for getting bored with certain people it happens to me.

    Some people say I have a profound mind and I myself find it hard to relate and talk to a lot of people. It doesn't help that I'm a bit socially awkward. I generally find that I get more bored meeting new people that I don't know very well and have little in common with, but it's bound to happen sometimes. As for dating though I don't get too too bored unless we never really talk.

    • I did try to talk to him about it when were together. But he couldn't come up with anything to

    • Then yeah I could see why you'd break up with him. It's just incompatibility really. It's nobody's fault. Sometimes things just don't work out. Communication should come easy in a relationship. I would suggest trying to go for the less attractive but deeper connection route if you're up for it. Looks really aren't everything. By the way I don't think you're shallow.

    • He broke up with me because I was to wild for his taste. I am calmer now but I can't stand a guy who just sits there and can only talk about his friends. I mean come on I wanna know about you not the people you hang out with. It was like he didn't know who he was. And yeah I'm thinking about doing just that. I can't find a cool guy though:(

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  • It's not weird or shallow.. you like the "different type" ? nothing wrong with that.